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Case Study: Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot

Ever wondered how multifunctional spaces of a post modern arts centre are used?

You can now find out and experience the multi-functional spaces via a walkthrough of Cornerstone Arts centre in Didcot virtually/ online through Google Street View | Trusted, an extension of the popular Google Street View service. The virtual tour starts in the auditorium, looking at the seats, giving you an actor's point of view of the audience. Step back on to the stage covered in blue limelight or step to the left, and you will see the seating drawn in. Step into the centre and you can experience the large space that can be used as a conference venue. If you stepped to your right and then left, up the steps and into the middle, you can get a great overview of the seating arrangement so you know which seats are best to buy for the next show.

Step out of the auditorium and there are many functional spaces to explore. Upstairs you can visit the dance studio, to the right of the auditorium you can visit the Green room. The route next to the stairs going up, leads to 2 meeting rooms on hire which you can check for suitability for your next business meeting or event. Downstairs, there is the box office, another meeting room, cafe and an art gallery to explore. Does the virtual tour want you to visit this excellent multipurpose venue designed by Ellis William Architects? The virtual tour is ideal for artists to familiarise themselves and plan their next exhibition, ideal for planning your business meetings and events, ideal for actors to familiarise themselves with the green rooms and the stage where they will perform or for people to check out which seat would be best for them or just go for a cuppa and/or a meal in the cafe!

To take the virtual tour on Google, just search for Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot then click on the "See inside" link that appears on the right hand side of the search results or click here to get there right away.

How the shoot was conducted:

After a couple of meetings with the Marketing Manager, Amy Hailwood, it was decided that the shoot required multiple visits, 3 or 4 in total. Due to the multipurpose activities of this centre and the scale of the project, it was necessary to do the shoot when each area was ready to be showcased. The meeting rooms, dance studio and art gallery were shot on the first visit. The Auditorium was shot during the dark period, when there were no shows running and the space was ready for the start of the new season. The cafe was shot when it was busy, so as to give a correct account of the popularity of that space. And finally, the outdoor areas were shot when it was sunny (the first three visits had cloudy grey weather!). Utmost care was taken to make the tour appear as seamless as possible despite shot on 4 different days.

The imagery was finally gathered together and processed into a virtual tour following strict Google specifications. The complicated tour was put live on Google within 2 weeks of the shoot. To make best use of this latest Digital marketing technology, the virtual tour was embedded on Cornerstone's new website on multiple webpages. On each of these webpages the starting point of the tour was altered, so as to be relevant to the content of the page, also giving the visitor the choice to explore the rest of the centre. Cornerstone's Google+local page was also claimed, verified & optimised, necessary for giving the virtual tour a best chance of being discovered online and also to keep a watch on insights. There was a 200% rise in the number of clicks as soon as the google+local page was claimed, verified and the virtual tour went online.

Testimonial: Marketing Manager, Amy Hailwood

Nikreations have been absolutely fantastic to work with.  They provided a simple, clear and efficient service and a very high quality product, which has added significant value to our new website. The Google tour enables first time visitors to get a glimpse inside the arts centre before they arrive, thus encouraging hesitant and new customers to dip their toe in the water.  Nikreations provided an extremely high level of customer service and went above and beyond on several occasions, with Nikhilesh using his expertise to add value to our website project as a whole. I  would highly recommend Nikreations' services to anyone.

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