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Why is a cheap option not offered?

I offer a high quality, good value service: I don't offer a 'cheap and hasty' option.

A poor quality virtual tour is bad for your business, because it will drive away potential customers. And it is bad for my business because it will damage my professional reputation as a Google trusted photographer. If I had to offer a cheap service I would need to do the following:

  • Conduct only a brief survey of your premises to give a price, instead of a thorough one to understand the scope of the business.
  • Conduct the shoot with no prior discussion and no understanding of your needs or customer behaviour.
  • Carry out the shoot when it suits me instead of when you are ready.
  • Carry out the shoot as quickly as possible, with no time for suggestions from you.
  • Employ cheaply paid, inexperienced labour.
  • Give no guarantee as to how the results will turn out.
  • Provide no after-sales support to get the best of your Google tour.
  • Take quick snapshots instead of professional, usable publicity photographs.
  • Process the shoot as quickly as possible to reduce the time spent on the project.

This is a recipe for creating bad results.

Find out how I am different.

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