How to do the hunt

GOAL: Find 15 eggs hidden in this magnificent church and reveal its name.

When you find an egg, click or tap on it to reveal a letter in the box at the bottom.

Use the clues below to help you locate the eggs. When you click or tap the egg, the clue is crossed out & will change to .


  1. Where bread and wine are consecrated
  2. At the base of the big metal Cross
  3. At the base of the tallest music tube
  4. On the table of the final meal
  5. At the feet of the colourful Madonna
  6. Sermon delivered from this stony place
  7. Where candles are in a circle
  8. At the tomb where Jesus is laid
  9. Above the 13th Station of the Cross
  10. Dragon in a circle is about to eat
  11. At the feet of the carven Madonna
  12. Where water for baptism is contained
  13. One of Vicar's officers sits here
  14. Under the seat at 7th Station of the Cross
  15. Among the arranged books of prayer
  • Zoom in, zoom out and look all around. Click or tap the arrows on the floor to navigate between the 3 areas of the church (Chancel, Crossing & Nave).

A click or tap to reveal answers

+ click or tap for info about church

click or tap to restart the egg hunt